The Workforce Development Board

Virginia’s Region 2000 Workforce Development Board (WDB) coordinates workforce training and career services through federal funding from the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

The Region 2000 Workforce Center located at 3125 Odd Fellows Road in Lynchburg is the service delivery location for the WDB.

The Workforce Center serves unemployed workers who may need assistance searching for jobs or additional training for updating their skills. The Center also assists local employers with services such as applicant screening, writing job descriptions, and training new employees. Coordinated classes and career services are available for Region 2000 residents and businesses as well as employment programs for youth. Dates and times of classes and events can be found at Events.

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Career Pathways

Watch these videos and learn about the career pathways in the Region 2000 area. At the Workforce Center we believe there are various pathways to success.

Career Pathways – Overview video

Career Pathways- Manufacturing video 

Career Pathways- Healthcare video

Career Pathways- Construction video