Strategic Plan

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Final Region 2000 WIOA Local Workforce Development Area Plan

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Attachments are available on the website of the Region 2000 Workforce Board

  1. Supportive Services Policy  PP 102
  2. Training Services Policy PP 104 (combined with i.)
  3. Local Government Council Procurement Policy
  4. Current CLEO Consortium Agreement Council Agreement
  5. Current CLEO-Local WDB Agreement Council Agreement
  6. Current Local WDB organizational chart  WDB Organizational Chart
  7. Copies of executed cooperative agreements (Pending)
  8. Eligible Training Provider Policy (Policy Pending)
  9. Individual Training Account Policy PP 104 (combined with b.)
  10. Priority of Service Policy  PP 101
  11. Monitoring Policy  AP 203
  12. Equal Opportunity (EO) Policy AP 201 (combined with m.)
  13. Grievance Policy  AP 201 (combined with l.)
  14. A certification of the plan development process and approval of authorized local area representatives (Pending)