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Youth Committee Vision Statement: The Region 2000 Youth Committee’s vision is for the region’s youth to be a well-educated, emerging workforce with a strong foundation of basic skills, thinking skills, and personal qualities with competencies to meet the challenges of the region’s varied businesses.  With the support of a regionally coordinated education and training program, youth will be resourceful and able to:

    • Productively use interpersonal skills  
    • Organize, interpret, and communicate information
    • Understand social, organizational, and technological systems
    • Apply technology to specific tasks

Youth Eligibility

Eligible youth must be low income and face one or more of the following challenges to successful workforce entry:

      • Basic skills deficient
      • Foster child
      • School dropout
      • Pregnant or parent
      • Homeless or runaway
      • Offender
      • Need help completing an educational program or securing and holding a job.

Program Highlights

The WIOA Title I Youth program will help youth be prepared for post-secondary educational opportunities or employment. Key components of the program are:

      • School engagement/persistence to graduation
      • Study skills training
      • Summer work experience
      • Adult mentoring
      • Alternative school services
      • Follow-up services
      • Leadership development
      • Basic education
      • Occupational skills training
      • Tutoring
      • Paid and unpaid work experience
      • Comprehensive guidance counseling